random rantssss!!
mmm where do I begin!!!

first may I say that This Is It is pure magic. pure love. Michael you are the one, the only. you deserve all this passion from the fans all around the globe. you deserve all the crazy,unique, and never-ending fascination. love u forever and ever xx

now it sure sounds late, but i wanted to comment on the LA premiere. i was glad to see Will Smith, J Lo among others. yet i wasn't particularly happy with the attentions-whores (kate perry, adam lambert, fucking paris hilton, yup i'm talking about u!!!)

i understand when actors/singers who are really fans,those who truly love Michael, come to the premiere. but coming for this particular bitter-sweet premiere to whore your face??promote an album?REALLY?? some people are just shameless. Ms. Kate perry showed her stinky face just to be stopped at the red carpet and talk about how MUCH she supportssss her friend adam!!! does this bitch know who is the star of the night??does she think that when she pimps adam's CD in this shameless way, people will run and buy?? For fuck's sake, the premiere is NOt about a film of an ordinary nature. it's about a fuckingly amazing legend who could not live to make his concert come true. it's amazing to watch, yet so poignant. but in this bitch's book, it's okay to fake some love for Mike, and then throw some pimping in our faces. ugh. that was so tasteless. what amazes me is that they think that we can't discern those obvious stunts ;)>>>i saw adam's album cover. with such a photo, adam , not even whoring urself on MJ's premiere would do u any good!!good luck with that!!

another bitch i would totally love to bunch in the face, Karen faye. seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this woman??why so keen on claiming that he was sick beyond any belief??why does she want to make fan believe her lies??what does she get out of this??or she is just plain crazy that we should not take seriously?

her latest stupidity, calling Kenny ortega a "master" in editing!!!calling the movie a fake "fairly tale"!!!

did she say that about kenny to save face??especially that fans, who saw the movie, have known that MJ looked healthy and agile??the total opposite of her horrid description!!!GOD she's unbelievable. why would such retarded creatures continue to live and breathe?!!that's just beyond me!!

tata world xx

Egyptian singer and douchebag, Tamer Hosney!
hey world,

My accomplishment of the week: I read a book that's related to my studies! Something I have not done in my months ;). And it was not that bad. It actually felt good to be back to my normal nerdy self!

Aside from my boring studies, I read a piece of new regarding the singer that I hate with all of my heart. The biggest douche of the world. Tamer Hosney (pardon me coz i'm puking now)

For those who have never heard of him, he's a lame douche for many reasons. He's so egotistical. Not that talented. He's very obsessed with the idea of being an "Idol". He went too far with this to the extent that he hires girls to act as crazy ass stans in his live concerts :D

The only thing that makes me able to swallow his sight is his being a huggge Michael stan himself :D
Yet again, he went toooooooo fucking far with this!! After 25th June, he claimed that he and Michael were good friends (no comment!he must have been high when he said this :D)and that they were planning a duet together. His statement made him a laughing stock in Arabic forums, biggggggg time :D He is even ridiculed for calling himself (king of generation)>>>i'm glad he didn't claim the (king of pop)title yet!!

The latest piece of news I come across was: Tamer is planning for a film under the title (Jackson). About an Egyptian guy from a poor neighborhood who idolizes Michael. dresses like him. dances like him. to the extent that guys in this neighborhood call him "jackson".

That might sound cute to those who are strangers to him. To me and my family, it is pure COMEDYYYYY!!

The guy is chubby. can't dance. he can't pull it off. Not even his wildest dream. Yet we might go and see it. Just for the LOLZZZZZZZZZZ :D

i leave u with a photoshopped pic of the delusional:

peace world xoxo

so beautiful
hello world ;)

I am being very emotional/happy/going nuts now!!

I've just seen the newly released videos of This is it (the way u make me feel/they don't care about us/humane nature). AND OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD!!! I just don't know what to say!!!

I don't know whether I am enjoying them to the max/or just feeling sad :(

The man looks (yeah sorry no past tense will be ever used with him) wonderful. Happy. Dancing on point. Giving instructions. and did I say dancingggg?? OH GOODNESS!!! I didn't see an ill man or a 50 year old man dancing at all. That is Michael we all know, dancing as if he were in his 30's. It's actually a mindfuck. I thought that my eyes are either deceiving me/ or i'm just being a delusional stan. BUT NO!! he really looks/talks/walks/dances in the same spirit of the Dangerous Tour rehearsal Videos. I just can't believe it. I'm happy for seeing the clips. I'm also so fucking mad!! Murray, may you get jailed for life, and be burned eternally in hell, amen!!

hi world,

so now i feel tremendously guilty!! haven't read or written anything for college papers for more than 3 months!! since i was interviewed for a teaching assistant job, and didn't get it (some inner favoritism shittery happened and i got depressed for that)

then June 25th came and i was definitley not in the mood for some boring readings!!>>yeah very responsible of me !

so today, i will be trying to break the ice with my dull books. and befriend them again (ugh!!).

and since any MJ-related reading is never boring :D. Jetzi websites added a few pages of the rabbi book.

look what Michael thinks about using sexuality on stage on page 57 :D

isn't that just interesting, cute, and so untrue :D??my baby Mike is just saying something he does not really mean (he's human after all ;) ) i mean, com'nnnn man ;) u touch ur crotch zillion times. make girls go nuts. wear a leothong (not sure about the spelling). wear the golden pants!! the FUCKING GOLDEN PANTS. and then u say "i will be embarrassed if ppl looked at me down there"!! o really Mike???reallyyyy?? i can't even...never mind. u r damn cute when u lie xoxo

hello world,

I'm multitasking right now. reading Shmuley's book on Michael(you can find it here guys: http://jetzi-mjvideo.com/books/tape/tape0aa.html) and burning DVDs for my lil baby cousin Hana.

On Jetzi's website, they have the scans of the book till page 55. The rest is yet to be added. The conversations are amazing. you think you've already understood Michael by watching tons of Videos,reading so many interviews for him. But this book proves that we know little of this man's brilliance and enchanting personality. It's fascinating to read about his inner thoughts. His philosophies on the world. I can't wait to finish it!!DAMN it's great!!

For Hana: she's my pretty 8-year-old cousin. She's a hugggge MJ stan. She loves him so much. always says stuff like "he's so beautiful. why did he pass away?when i go to heaven, i want to meet him there". She even takes his song "heal the world" so seriously. She thinks that ill kids could be cured by listening to it :)) GOD i lovvvve this gurl ;)

so now i'm burning all the stuff i have for him on DVDs (pics/music videos/live performances/concerts/albums).I'm not done yet. Hana better lovvvvvve meeeee so much for doing this :D SHE FREAKIN BETTER!!

tata world

- got writings to do. i can't bring myself to do them yet!!not so rational or responsible of me, i know that...i will try my best to work my appetite for some boring activities. yawning already :(

-heard Michael's "This is it", and i dunno. i don't like it. i'm sure Michael would not like it either!! it sounds like a very rough demo. he would never approve of this!! and i read somewhere that it's a Thriller-era demo. and it's not even entitled (This is it). Sony did this shittery to go with the movie. they sould be fucking ashameddddd!!how could they release something that Michael threw and trashed?!Hoooow!! Go to hell Sony!!

-i've pre-ordered the album anyway. i'm sure it has better quality demos.

-i'm glad that fans seem to love the song though. feels sweet. i would not want to see others disliking it like me ;)

- i want to see a good movie. haven't seen one in a long while. would love to know any recommendations guys?

no more yummy food!!
ok. my observation for today is that i ate too much!! really too much!! Cheetos. Redbull. tiramisu.lasagna!!all were yummy. but still no more food for me. i'm happy i've lost the annoying 3 kgs,and seriously, i dont want them back!

gotta dance today and burn all the cals i had! ugh!

wow!the book of the fucktard Shmuley!
the amazing website that is (Jetzi) has published the scans of this book by lame ass Shmuley. just the conversations without the rubbish:


i've not read it yet!!


OMG the convos in the Michael Jackson Tapes book (link above) are so fucking amazing!!especially that the website owners have edited out Shmuley's evil remarks. Yet why do the scans stop at page 31?? seriously WHYYYYY??i want to read the rest damn it!!! i hope they will add the rest of the pages soon!!

how can i stop!!
hello world!

i don't know whether to be proud or just mad at myself!

i've been going on a shopping spree of everything Michael Jackson for 3 months. i simply can't stop. it even feels goooood everytime i buy something!!

my latest buys:

HIStory on film (part 1 and 2)

the ultimate 31 DVDs collection.

i'm even trying to buy rare DVDs from this website: http://jetzi-mjvideo.com/.

yet the moderator hasn't answered my email yet.

someone must tell me to freaking stop!!!!


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